Study: Men posing with cats on dating apps less likely to find dates

As a result, this study decided to look into the effect of posing with a cat had on women looking for someone to date. During the study, more than women aged between 18 and 24 were shown photos of two men: two pictures of the men showed them with their cats and two without. The participants were then asked to what degree they thought each man fit the following categories: agreeableness, conscientiousness, extraversion, neuroticism, and openness. Overall, the participants found that the men holding cats were viewed as less masculine; more neurotic, agreeable and open; and less dateable, according to the authors. However, there may be a reason for this. The participants were also asked if they believed themselves to be dog people and This may have skewed the results into thinking men with cats were less desirable to date. The researchers think American culture is to blame for this.

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Study: Men posing wi The study, published in April, found that women were less likely to show interest in profile pictures featuring men cuddling their feline companions than photos of men alone. Add to Chrome.

Those with furry feline friends fared poorly. In an age when many singles can attract partners only online, deprived of the opportunity to show.

By Emily Webber For Mailonline. Women looking for romance on dating apps perceive are less likely to swipe right if their potential suitor is holding a cat, according to new research. The study, carried out by scientists at the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, at Colorado State University, found that profile photos of men holding cats were seen as ‘less dateable’ and ‘less masculine’ by many women. Men who held a confident pose and appeared alone in their profile pic were more likely to attract women, the survey found.

In the study by Colorado State University, women were asked to choose which photo, of a year-old man, they preferred. The scientists said it was possible that the women defaulted to the notion that the man alone was a ‘dog person’ or more likely to date a ‘dog person’.

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Study: Women Are Less Attracted to Men Who Have Cats In Their Dating Profile Pics

Women are less likely to swipe right on male dating app users if they are pictured holding a cat, new research has found. In both photos, the man had dark hair, wore a blue shirt and was photographed against a white background. The difference was that in one photo, he was posing with a tabby cat, and in the other, he was not.

FORT COLLINS, CO (WJHL) – Men seeking women on dating apps might want to leave their cats out of the picture, according to a study from Colorado State.

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The Times view on the dating chances of men pictured with cats: Having Kittens

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Keep Your Cat Out Of Your Dating Profile, CSU Researchers Warn Men

According to the study, men with cats are perceived as feminine, neurotic and less attractive. Scientists showed pictures of men in their 20s to a group of university-age women. Half the men were holding a cat.

‘5ft 10 entrepreneur’: Nine guys to avoid when online dating – NZ Herald A study earlier this year found that men who have cats in their dating.

Numerous strategies and tips exist for putting your best foot forward in an online dating profile. You should be seen with friends, enjoying the outdoors, and maybe in a snapshot with your beloved pooch. In two surveys, more than heterosexual women aged 18 to 24 were shown photos of two men, aged 20 and 21, who posed for photos with and without a cat in their arms.

Cradling a cat had a negative impact across the board. In the first survey, when one of the men was feline-free, 38 percent of respondents said they were likely or very likely to be receptive to a casual dating dynamic. A serious relationship was on the table for 37 percent. But with the cat in the picture, those warm feelings dropped to just 33 percent. Women who responded they would never be interested rose from 9 percent after viewing non-cat images to 14 percent when a furry friend appeared.

The man in the other survey fared no better, with 40 percent of respondents uninterested in a date when he was alone compared to 45 percent when he was holding his pet. A serious relationship was a no-go for 41 percent of women, with the number rising to 45 percent when presented with the man and his cat. Ultimately, the women found the photos of men with cats to signal the men were more neurotic, less masculine, and less desirable from a dating standpoint.

But nearly half of respondents self-identified as dog lovers, which might indicate some pet biases are at work. A photo of a man posing with cat, of course, does not exclude a love of dogs, nor does the absence of a pet indicate a preference for either cats or dogs. But the survey does seem to provide evidence that the very presence of a cat will lead to some unfavorable assumptions.

Single men with cats less likely to find love on dating apps, study finds

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